In this lecture the requirements of a good client and its relationship with agency will be further explained. On the other hand the basic requirements of holding on to clients will be discussed. It will be further apprised that basically an agency is always walking on a tight rope however, if it is naturally and insecure agency then it should expect rough passage.


In order to convince the client of an agencies proficiency and command over the understanding of the client’s requirement it is essential that the agency should and sure proper service, creative campaign ideas and the launch of campaign based on various aspects of market and target audience. In this regard there are ten ways to achieve this effectively.

  1. Devote your best brains to the service of your clients.
  2. Avoid hiring unstable, quarrelsome executives.
  3. Avoid taking on clients who have a record of firing agencies regularly.
  4. Keep contact with your clients at all levels.
  5. Begin preparing another campaign as soon as one has been approved by the client.
  6. Try to see things from the client’s perspective.
  7. Never refuse a client on a pretext of having a previous engagement.
  8. Better admit mistakes & do so before you are charged with them.
  9. Always rehearse you presentations before presenting to clients.
  10. During a presentation while reading aloud never depart from printed text.


The most important factor in an agency is the office of accounts executive it is he who has direct contact with the client, reads clients mind and works in coordination with the creative team to translate the requirement of the client into a forceful campaign. In order to be a top accounts executive it is mandatory that such executive should have following qualities in him/her.

  • Be Ambitious but not Aggressive: As explained above the accounts executive should be sharp and be able to understand and read the mind of the client get it is essential that through his deliberations with the client he may sound ambitious yet at no time should show aggressiveness.
  • Don’t be Arrogant: The account executive must be very humble, soft spoken and concentrate.
  • Read as much as Possible: An account executive can only be efficient and convincing if he or she be fully aware of the market and the different trends. Besides this he should have access to various surveys conducting and available about the product of the client.
  • Study Advertising Trends of Market: It is also essential that the account executive should be fully alert to the prevalent advertising trends of competitors in the market.
  • Develop the Mind for Team Work: The account executive should always have the ability to develop a team and to get the best out of it.

Eight Points of Advice

The account executive can only be the best if he/she adheres to certain principles as he or she is bound to be confronted with unexpected and undesirable situations. It is the handling of these situations which will win the battle for the account executive.
In this regard following eight points of advice can prove useful and important.

1.  When blackballed don’t be disheartened: If at any time the idea presented by the account executive is rejected he or she should not be dishearten and prepare alternatives.

2.  Be a good marketer: The account executive should be a person who can sell his concept buy his ability to do so and the information regarding the market.

3.  Learn to make good presentations: In this competitive world the most effective method of presenting an idea to the client is through the making of good presentations, these can be done through overhead projectors, slides and computer aided multimedia presentations.

4.  Make friends with clients: Those accounts executives who have good contacts and friendly relationship with the clients are bound to win more accounts and benefits for their agencies.

5.  Do not discuss client’s business in transit: Clients business are to be treated in confidence and should never be discussed in open with friends or fellow professionals because the leaking of a good idea of the client may hurt future business prospects.

6.  Keep their secret papers under lock & key: All notes, papers regarding the client’s campaign should never be left open and always kept under lock and key.

7.  Conveying an idea to the mind of a copywriter should be done privately & tactfully: The idea derived or conceived after the discussion with the clients should be conveyed to copy writer privately and tactfully so that the creativity of the copy writer meets the requirement of the client.

8.  Be brave in admitting your mistakes: During the process of creating an idea or a campaign and the subsequent launching there are bound to be short coming and mistakes. A smart account executive should be cognizant of these and the ready to admit them once identify ensuring that these are not pointed out by the client or third party to undermine your effort.

Three Points for Consideration

In this century there is strong competition for similar products by various manufacturers this is resulting in excessive use of marketing and advertising techniques as a result there is high demand for account executives but despite this in view of the vulnerability of the agencies because of performance the job security to the advertising processionals is much less than other professions. Therefore, the top account executives have to keep the following three points for consideration before adopting this profession.

A. HIGH DEMAND for Account Executives.

B. LESS JOB SECURITY than other professions.

C. LESS FRINGE BENEFITS than other businesses.


The important component in the advertising scenario is an advertising agency. The success of an advertising agency lies in its proper management as managing an advertising agency is just like managing any other creative organization. Over a period of time the experience of various advertising agencies and its managers the following points are a good key to manage an advertising agency.

  • Admire people who work hard: This will result in better output and the requirement of fewer employees.
  • Admire people with first class brains: An advertising agency always needs brainy people but it is essential that the brains are also combined with intellectual honesty.
  • Do not employ nepots or spouses: Generally such employees breed politics therefore such practices should be discouraged.
  • Admire people who work with gusto: You have to see and admire those who are enjoying what they are doing.
  • Admire self confident professionals: The advertising agency should respect an admire those who do their work diligently and with excellence.
  • Admire people who hire subordinates who are good enough to succeed them: Generally this means that such people are good enough and the do not feel insure thus will always give the best output.
  • Admire people who build their subordinates: The agency should encourage the people who died and build their subordinates because in case of additional requirements the agency will not have to go outside to fill important jobs.
  • Acquire people with gentle manners: The quarrelsome people are detrimental to the interest of the agency. It is therefore essential that to manage an advertising agency in the best possible and acceptable ways to acquire and admire the people with gentle manners that will treat the others as human beings.
  • Admire well organized people: Those employees who work hard and deliver their work on time must be admired fully so that they feel encouraged and give the best output.
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